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Muckshift & Haulage


From a one off load to a large volume bulk shift, Central is versatile enough to cope with all your needs. Our saturation of vehicles within our trading area gives us the ability to service individual or small quantity load requirements that could be on a back to back basis with an aggregate delivery or single visit one load away. Large quantity shifts will always be carried out in a loading machine efficient manner ensuring the correct number of loads are removed as requested, making loading costs viable.

Central has the expertise to ensure that best practice segregation of material advice is given that will reflect the most cost effective method of removal of materials from your site. Should material inadvertently be mixed, Central will offer the best priced solution to the problem.

As you are very aware the muckshifting industry pricing unit is a load or an 8 wheel load. So just what is a load? The industry will tell you it is 20 tonne and that is correct when the vehicle is capable of carrying 20 tonne. Central has always specified that its tipper vehicles should be durably constructed and capable of carrying near 20 tonne pay load. By ensuring the correct vehicle selection is made and coupled with bespoke body design and construction in Hardox Swedish steel, the pay load is not compromised. Therefore Central customers can be assured they have real full load value for money that can be verified at any time by viewing our in cab payload weigher. Industry norm payloads of heavy duty muckshifting bodied tippers are lowly sub 18.5 tonne, and a minimum 5% volume, price, efficiency gain can be achieved by using Central and its fleet of modern bespoke tippers.